Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hello! It has been a while I know!!!! I am moving my blog. And changing the my blog name actually. Come visit me here if you'd like and tell me what you think!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Focus on Life. Gettin' caught up.

I am catching up on all my Focus on Life posts. Since I have a bazillion, there is limited elaboration and they are out of order, I don't guess that will be a big problem though:)
Aged Beauty. Mission San Juan Capistrano
Typography. Collaborative painting with my boys and I am calling it typography because it is written in their language.

Reminisce. Great Grandma Em's butter dish and milk pitcher. Always on the table.

Take a walk. I didn't walk far, but I did see a handsome guy.

Color (used as a noun and a verb)

Abstract. Looking up through slats over patio. Great pattern.


Looking Up. Up in one of our trees-a new hummingbird with mama.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


One month! How does that happen!?!?!? One month since my last post! Well today I must post and say a huge THANK YOU to Lisa Niven Kelly  from Beaducation  for awarding my Bead Soup necklace in the color category. And again a big big HUGE THANK YOU to the amazing Lori Anderson for putting it all together and hosting one of the most spectacular online events ever! And of course another thank you to Stephanie and Chris from Pixybug Designs for the lovely lampwork flower focals used in this piece.
I am still "hopping", slowly but surely. The babes and I have all had some weird cold(?) that kind of kicked our butts for the past few weeks. I think few things are as distressing to a parent than when a wee one gurgles and sounds like he can't breath while sleeping. Hopefully everything will be normal again soon. Normal? Did I say that?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal

Hellooo! To recap here is what Stephanie from Pixybug Designs sent me for this wonderful Bead Soup Party! Her husband Chris is a fabulous glass artist and the lovely focal, flowers and accent beads were made by him. Stephanie sent me a loaded bag let me tell ya and I have to say that I have alot left to play with. But here is what I did use now. Drum roll......
I paired the gorgeous faceted white crystals with some vintage white enameled chain,  ocean jasper, antique brass chain and glass jump rings from Hanson Stone. I broke up the chain links that Stephanie sent me and stacked them for a focal. They make the best clinky noise!!!! And I finished it off with that sweet little flower toggle she sent. 

Now this piece I had together immediately. I opened the box, saw the luscious focal and knew I had to pair it with ceramic rings and caps from Petra at Scorched Earth. I used painted gold wood beads, covered a few with recycled denim and placed Stephanie's faceted purple crystals. A few pyrite rounds, ocean jasper roundels and Indonesian glass act as spacers.

Don't ya just dig how all the colors play so well together?!?!?
I have just been in a fiber mood lately too. (Just bought a small "lap loom"- that will be another post.) So I crocheted some flowers with some of my favorite art yarn and attached Chris' beautiful glass flowers to them. I sewed them all together for a focal and strung them onto some polymer beads I made and plum vintage Lucite.

I have more "starts" with the other goodies from Stephanie. Thank you Stephanie! I had a blast this round. And HUGE HUGE THANKS to Lori Anderson who is a super hero:) Check out her blog to see all the participants. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal Move

As is typical in my life lately I did not finish my soup piece in time for tomorrow's/today's reveal. I will be showing my creations next Saturday, April 20. Above is the soup fixins' that Stephanie Haussler from Pixybug Designs sent (just in case you missed my earlier post.) Loads of goodness to work with here! It has indeed been a challenge for me, but I am almost there! Make sure to stop over at Stephanie's blog to see what she came up with. I can't wait!!! See you next week:)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Focus on Life - Up Close

Focus on Macro! (Although a little out of focus-didn't use my tripod) But check out my new glass beads!!!! I found a new bead shop and these didn't just speak to me, they screamed! Head over to Sally's blog and find out what the others were focused on this week.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Faith and the Mustard Seed

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.  Matthew 17:20 (paraphrased)

Sally's prompt for this week's focus is "Faith." I pondered what I would do for this and decided to do a painting. Being that we have company and I have to not be sequestered in my room, I started with an ink sketch and I think I might use Inktense pencils on this. A bit more mobile this way. The tiny black spot in the center of her belt by the way is the mustard seed:) I do believe in a Higher Power I call God and my faith is Christian in nature. But I think anyone, regardless of their personal beliefs, can embrace the concept of faith. Faith is Hope. Faith is Believing. And I think that the beautiful thing is that it can be applied to our personal lives in many different capacities. Faith is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Lorelei's Bauble Challenge Reveal

A couple of weeks ago Lorelei blogged about a little find while on a Michael's run. She found these odd little connector baubles in glorious sea tones and purply - which I purchased just in case, but did not use. They came in groups of three and she proposed a challenge in which we would use all three in a design. Here is what I came up with. I wired all of the slides together to create a single center and connected it to leather pieces on each side. And then I hung a poka-dot polymer dangler.  I painted the leather pieces before piercing and adding grommets. Next time I will pierce and grommet first because of course the holes hit in painted spots that I particularly liked. I had a little visitor last week and he was the inspiration for my little bit of whimsy. Thanks for stopping by and be sure and check out what everyone else came up with.
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